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Alisa T. Jensen

My name is Alisa T. Jensen. I am an executive coach, LinkedIn expert and a public speaker. 

I work with senior level executives, helping them define and communicate their “market value”, strengthen their professional brand, increase visibility and build fulfilling careers. 

In addition to one-to-one coaching, I lead LINKEDIN VISIBILITY BOOTCAMP™, a unique training program designed for highly knowledgeable professionals looking to strengthen their professional presence and boost their careers.

Why career club?

I’m often asked to share tips on career development, yet most of the interviews end up published as premium content, that is not accessible without a payment. It doesn’t feel right.

I share tips on LinkedIn from time to time – yet, the algorithms are limiting how much you see, even if you follow me actively. 

So I’ve created a Career Club – to share freely, and for free. 

Alisa T. Jensen


I’m sharing tips about career development, personal branding, LinkedIn, and other topics that ambitious people like you are into. You’ll find my articles, videos, online courses and events – exclusively for the members.



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